Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mid River Slink

While checking our route on Trip Maker near Charlotte, North Carolina, my laptop announced proudly that it had connected to Linksys, the name of the wi-fi network at the Rowland home we had left hours before. Eudora managed to downloaded a couple of my 18 messages before we were out of range.

It took about a day before I began to realize the potential here. By that time we were on interstate 70 crossing the wide Missouri where my personal favorites, midriverslink 2&3, popped up. ...No longer do we have to relieve the tedium of a long drive collecting license plates from the 50 states, or looking for dilapadated houses to dedicate to the use of our car-mates - now we can slink along our highways collecting network monikers.

I already see my future grandchildren bent double over their hand-me-down laptops gleefully shouting Belkin 54! ssid1 ! PrIcEGnadE! infiwtz! arkiktek! Doc Office 1! 3blindmice! and hpsetup unsecured computer-to-computer network!

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