Friday, January 21, 2005

When George W. Bush gave his inaugural address this morning, I heard nothing but praise from the media. Apparently they were told to keep it positive, and they were good little automatons.

To me, however, it sounded ominous. I kept thinking, how does he think this will translate to residents of foreign countries? This man, who bankrupted an oil company and seems determined to do the same for his United States of 'Merica, this man who has bombed two countries and is in the process of invading a third, this man who ought to know that the armed forces of the United States is stretched tissue-paper thin, this man who should know there is nothing in reserve, that he has spent much more capital than the United States ever could have dreamed of having in the international sphere, made a solemn promise to invade any and every country that he percieves as not allowing its citizens to live in freedom.

Could there be a better way to suppress dissent around the globe? Just think, if George Bush hears this, he will come over here and bomb us, too...

Sadly, the poor fellow probably intended to send a message of hope to the peoples of the world. Can you imagine Al Qaeda failing to cast the bait? For Bush it is the siren call - come to Iraq and help us - come to Iran - come to Usbeckistan... and help us...

May Almighty God help us, one and all...


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