Friday, August 26, 2005

Yesterday there was an accident around the corner from John's Natural Foods. A white haired man in the car with the crumpled hood just above the parking meter hit a jeep, then careened at high speed across an intersection on 5th Street on to the side walk on the oncoming traffic side, smashing merchandise set out by a consignment business, then turned 90 degrees and ended his nightmare by crashing head on into the brick side of the bank on the opposite side of the street. By the time I arrived the driver was standing in the street, talking to an officer, looking sane, sober, not at all like the drunken maniac you might expect.

John had been watching the proceedings in the reflection of this window. An ambulance had arrived for the driver, checked him out and left, empty. The incident didn't make the evening news, perhaps there will be a notice in the newspaper tomorrow. In a small community, local news enters a kind of black hole; it's not on the radio, it's not on the tv, we may never know what really happened. Posted by Picasa

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