Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Missing Mr. Bedwards 

A few years ago the folks on NPR got their names all muddied up. The call letters of our local station are WOI and it was pretty annoying hearing those Double-U WOE WYEs over and over again throughout the day. Folks must have complained or something. At any rate, the folks on WOI are able to say the call letters correctly now, at least when I'm listening. Maybe there was a national campaign of some kind because it was about the same time that Bah Bedwards disappeared. He was one of the bright spots in my day, a wonderful antidote to all of those Double-U WOE WYEs. A man with an identical voice took over his spot and now has a podcast, on which he announces his name as Bob Edwards. Bah! I want Mr. Bedwards back.

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