Thursday, May 07, 2009

I saved a life today 

I was in the bowels of my basement this afternoon, sorting through a collection of nails and screws when I noticed a bumblebee crawling on the floor. A dusty gob of detritus-laden spiderweb trailed behind him, impeding his progress. It wasn't hard to entice him to crawl onto a scrap of rag and take him outside, where he readily crawled onto a dandelion bloom. The trailing web stuck to and pulled at his wing. There was a long white hair attached to it somehow that wound around to one of his legs, binding it, as well.

He was still hanging to the blossom when I returned with a pair of scissors, pulled on the hair and cut him free.

By the time the camera arrived he had dropped off the dandelion and was drinking from that other beautiful and equally reviled little spring beauty called Creeping Charlie. As I fiddled with the settings, he crawled from one blossom to another, began to buzz, and flew off, leaving me with this oneric image.

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